Saddles – The Australian Stockmans Saddlery | Toowoomba | Queensland | Australia


Stockman's Pride SaddleThe Australian Stockman’s Saddlery makes all their own saddles in house. Our saddles contract are not made by other companies. The saddles are all 100% made by hand in our Toowoomba factory by fully trained craftsmen.

The leathers are sourced from the best tanneries in the world. The majority of the heavy leathers are currently sourced from America with the lighter leathers being sourced from Italy and New Zealand.

All hardware used on the saddles, is solid brass or stainless steel with only the highest quality materials used.

The saddle trees are made to our exact specifications. The half-bred trees are molded polyurethane this gives an exact tree every time. We don’t use handmade hide covered trees as these trees have a tendency to be un-uniform in shape and fit, and can twist when drying or in moist conditions for prolonged times. saddle-treeThe molded trees are exactly straight 100% of the time and are not affected by moisture or any damp weather. The trees carry a 15 year warranty against breaking or defects.

The saddles are lined with 100% English felt or pure Merino fleece.
The best quality materials and skilled craftsman combine to make the best saddles and strapping that will last you a life time.
That’s our guarantee to you.

Craig Pomeroy